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Lab Testing

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Certificate Of Third-Party Lab Results

A Certificate of Analysis or COA helps ensure that products from manufacturers are made to specification and indicates the number of cannabinoids found in each CBD product.

Cascabel products contain a Lot Number and a Certificate of Analysis.

The lab results contain the following information:

  • date of manufacture
  • attributes like consistency and color
  • potencies
  • terpenes
  • levels of heavy metals
  • levels of pesticides
  • levels of solvents
  • THC found in an individual batch of products


COAs are meant to keep customers safe and informed. COAs also emphasize quality.

1 oz 250 MG CBD Salve

Lot Number: DR012422SA1 – Certificate of Analysis

2 oz 500 MG CBD Salve

Lot Number: JP030922SA1 – Certificate of Analysis 

Where Can I Find My Lot Number To Get The COA

CBD Salve 2 oz 500 mg - Back View | Remedios Maria Juana™ | Topical Cream | GMP Compliant | Locally Sourced

On the box or jar

Your Lot Number can be found on the bottom of the box or on the bottom of the jar.

Back panel

In the back panel of a bag.

In store

If you’re in the store, you can look at the Lot Number before you purchase your product.

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